Happy Thoughts-The Isle Of Avalon -a photo diary

What is now known as Glastonbury was, in ancient times, called the Isle of Avalon. It is virtually an island, for it is completely surrounded by marshlands. In Welsh it is called Ynys Afallach, which means the Island of Apples and this fruit once grew in great abundance.


The apples still thrive in Glastonbury!
We visited the Avalon Orchard on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor.


There are many varieties of apples growing there.




It’s a place that everyone can experience. Some people go there to meditate and enjoy the peace & quiet. Alternately, they have family activities sometimes, like apple picking in the autumn I believe, and wassailing in January.

Wassailing is an ancient custom that involves drinking cider, singing to the trees in the hope of a good harvest and scaring away any evil spirits that might be lurking.

As we went in the spring-Easter Monday to be exact -there were no apples, but it was the lambing season. Those little critters are quite fearless, and curious, so I was able to take photos.





The Tor is managed by grazing sheep and cows. The livestock help to keep the grass short in a natural and traditional way.

The walk up to the Orchard was quite lovely.




We did what we called “the spiral dance:
..walking around the Tor this time,  instead of up and down theTor. Walked up the increasingly  steep hill past the White springs, around the Tor to the Avalon Orchard, then down and around  the narrow path to join up with the steps that marked the descent down the Tor.

It was a fantastic day, and I look forward to returning in the autumn to feast on nature’s bounty & great variety of apples.



By the way, as usual, Glastonbury rocked! I love the spiritual vibes and nipping into my favourite shops for incenses & coffee and grub. 😁

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Happy Thoughts-Easter time in Devon, a photo diary

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far. Thomas Jefferson


It’s photo diary time. The Easter weekend is indeed a good time for exploring and getting out & about.

We spent some of that time walking about Great Mis Tor and Little Mis Tor on the moors, Dartmoor, Devon England.

Great Mis Tor is 538 meters above sea level and one of the highest points on Dartmoor.




Yes, it really is this desolate on the moors!

Being in the open spaces often makes us feel like connecting with nature through a bit of meditation or yoga as well.




The moors are where the Dartmoor ponies live and freely roam. Visitors are not to feed them, so the ponies can stay in good health. However, hubs found a curious pony who wasn’t adverse to a quickie selfie. I was quite surprised!



When we weren’t communing with nature & ponies there was plenty of pub time. 🍻 Yahoo!

Real ale & cider… Devon’s finest…




And let’s finish off this photo diary with the perennial favourite…scones


If you go hiking up on the moors, you never know what you’ll find there! Have a look at the video.

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Happy Thoughts – Individuality and Greatness

Greetings! We’ve got a bit of a stream of consciousness-type blog today.



Today let’s think about being comfortable with ourselves.

We don’t have to envy others. As we are is good enough. We can improve ourselves of course &  we can strive to do better, but it’s good to be comfortable where we are.

Maybe we should not waste energy wishing we were somewhere else or, even, wishing we were somebody else. I’ve been there. Yeah!

We are as we are. Let’s speak to our selves with love, with every word speak to ourselves as if we’re speaking to a good friend. Then we can feel free to make progress, because we don’t have that painful sense of ego; of not being good enough attached to our goal.

Thus our journey forward towards our goals will be much easier to make.

Maybe it won’t make life less challenging but we certainly can handle the ups and downs better when we appreciate our selves and our egos are not on the line.

Here’s a little reading from “a dhammapada for contemplation”

“Those who are envious, stingy and manipulative remain unappealing  despite good looks and eloquent speech.

But those who have freed themselves from their faults and arrived at Wisdom are attractive indeed.”

We are worthy and good enough, as we are.

What do you think? Let’s share & help each other!

How do you keep balanced,  amongst so-called competition and people who are a bit further along the journey than yourself?

You are great! 🦋

If you’d like to hear the podcast, which also includes an affirmation, you can listen to it here:

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Happy Thoughts-The Oracle Speaks! 😄 (card reading)

We got our two lovely oracle cards for today. They are from the Whispers of Lord Ganesha deck. Let’s get the day off to a powerful, positive & blessed start! “Nuture” & “Prosperity”.


You can arrange your own private reading via my #etsy shop, Beaded Delights By Stef. 😍

Here’s a video of today’s reading. Have a happy blessed day!

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Happy Thoughts-Be Curious, You’ll Enjoy Life More!

Today, let’s talk about curiosity. It can be a very good thing! It can keep us alive, fresh, motivated and full of purpose. Albert Einstein said,


“Do not grow no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.”

albert einstein

What does that mean? I think maybe it means always be enthusiastic, excited, positive and curious about life. Try to be open to learn something new everyday. Even if it’s only one small fact such as something new about a person people you know,or something new about your work, or even something new about yourself.

I believe it also means to have a purpose, a goal, something to live for that connects you with other people. Being curious and thirsty for knowledge is being part of a community somehow, so you’re not alone. We have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. We have something to look forward to the next day when we go to bed.

We’ve got a plan for ourselves. We’ve also got a plan how we can be useful to others, which ill include how we can help others to grow, to move ahead to feel good about life, and to know people care about them.

Being curious helps us, as well, I think to move above the mundane or the negative things going on in the world, because we can see a bigger picture. This can help us not feel too sad ,down  or discouraged We can bounce back more easily, and keep our equilibrium amidst the constantly changing environment around us.

Many people are old/mature in age but young in spirit because they have a purpose, and they are curious to continually learn new things be it technology, a new hobby, andso on.
What what do you think can keep us young in mind heart and body ? What do you do to keep yourself alive and well and moving forward?

Remember this old saying “curiosity killed the cat , but satisfaction brought her back . Be curious, be inquisitive . Do not grow old, no matter how long you live .

If you’d like to hear the podcast, which also includes an affirmation, you can listen to it here:

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Bye for now 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Winners & Losers

Hello hello…


Photo I took in Nara, Japan


We’re going to talk about winners and losers. This is going to be really easy. There are no losers. We may have set backs. We may have a disappointment. But we are not losers.

Wayne Dyer says in his book Everyday Wisdom for Success,

“If you play the game of Life, know that you’ll have plenty of wins and losses,regardless of your talent level.”

So know that you win some, you lose some. The trick is getting back on target when we have a “loss”/ set back.

It helps to have a back up plan, then we can recover that much sooner. Sometimes if we have a disappointment, it’s ok to feel sad, two feel down, to feel a bit discouraged. Let those feelings happen and embrace them. Then get back on it. Go to the backup plan, or take time to evaluate what went wrong and make a new plan . Get some advice if you need it and are feeling stuck, and at a dead end. But don’t give up. Keep going. You have no idea how close you are to achieving your goal, your dream. Try again!

It is often no reflection on you or your skills. Sometimes things just go in a direction that’s not your choice. But just make your plan and go around the obstacle.

So, and I’m talking to myself as well,  before you beat yourself up, just know in the game of Life you’ll have plenty of wins and losses regardless of your talent level.

So just smile … Pat yourself on the back for the effort made thus far … for your wins just far … and persevere.

So, turning to you dear reader…What advice would you give to someone who has suffered a setback? What advice do you give yourself when you suffer a disappointment or a setback?
Let’s share! Sometimes I do get discouraged but because my desire to achieve this or that goal is so strong that I pick myself up, I figure out what I did wrong or how I can improve and  I press on.

How about you?  What’s your philosophy? How do you cope? We can do this. We are winners. We care about ourselves, our friends, our loved ones . We can do it.

Just flow as best you can, with the ups and downs of life!

Here’s a recording of the podcast that goes along with this topic. There’s an affirmation at the end!

Feel free to add comments to the blog, or tweet us at twitter @stefsvoice. Our Facebook page is Positive  Affirmations  and Audio Stories.


Photo I took in Devon, England

Find us on itunes, Amazon and Google Play: search for “Stefania Lintonbon” for a selection of affirmation and meditation mp3s.

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Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card Reading – All systems are go!

As today is International Happiness Day, I asked the universe to help us,  give us some guidance for a successful happy week. I asked “What is the thing that we should focus on this week”, and “How should we do it”.

I used the Nature’s Whispers deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall.

19-03-17 OracleCardReading Blog-picsay

The cards that came up are “Ideal course of action”, and to the second question “Be gentle with yourself”. The crystals that I used for energy are labradorite , nuumite,  emerald, clear quartz , and my bag of energy balancing mixed crystals, and…my homemade wand!

Ideal course of action.
It is easy to be overwhelmed in the planning of a new endeavour. Simplify your plans . Clearly envisage what you would like to accomplish and find ways to ensure you stay on the path. Determine what you desire next. Visualise. Trust that this is an important phase that is necessary to maintain alignment and clarity.
So I believe we have to take a moment out of our busy-ness to slow down and think exactly what we want . Then be still and let ideas come to us regarding our choices, our options.In this card what is the lady wearing ?  A  gold, liquid dress. Gold is the colour of prosperity. Liquid could symbolise being fluid/flexible in our plans.

What’s at her back? There’s a lion and there’s a bear –  symbols of strength and cunning ?And what are they leaning on? A lotus flower – peace  There’s also a golden light in the distance -light at the end of the tunnel

Those are just some of the symbols in this card!  We can trust that the universe ,

the angels , the guides are indeed watching out for us. We can feel free to dream and then take steps to follow those dreams.

The second card is be gentle with yourself.
A time of new growth and energy is upon you. Draw upon lessons you have learned to assist you in moving forward. Notice how you’ve grown and changed as a result of everything that has transpired. Be ready for new adventure all signs are positive for successful outcomes at this time .
So this card doesn’t mean to make a radical change, rather I think it’s confirming to us that it’s ok to move to the next step in your goal.Consider the potential,  the pros and cons and move forward.

We noticed there are deer in the picture and a monkey – gentleness & cleverness. So tread softly and with good sense.

We can see the pathway is clear from the front of the card and moving through the mountains.

We can see that there is a pink, green, blue, and yellow bird next to the lady.

Pink and green are traditional colours used for the heart chakra . Blue is for a calm and the throat Chakra. Yellow is for joy and intellect & the sacral Chakra.

We can move forward with our plans for the week but maybe move gently with wisdom. Don’t burn any bridges yet!

Here’s a video of the reading.
So that’s the message for our week. Have a think. Your inner Wisdom will tell you how to interpret this message in a way that’s right for you.
Feel free to add comments to the blog, or tweet us at twitter @stefsvoice. Our Facebook page is Positive  Affirmations  and Audio Stories.
Find us on itunes, Amazon and Google Play: search for “Stefania Lintonbon” for a selection of affirmation and meditation mp3s.
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